Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jay Cutler, You Handsome Devil

This is a post about the Raiders. If you don't care to read about sports, what is your freakin' problem, anyway? Consider yourself warned.

Here's to the end of several nasty bad streaks. Between beating Kansas City on the road the week before, and Denver at home last week, the Raiders now have:
- A 2-game winning streak (don't laugh, we'll take it)
- A 2-game winning streak within the division (after a record-tying streak of intradivision futility)
- A divisional road win (in Arrowhead, no less!), and
- A divisional home win (against the hated Shanarat).

After enduring the travesty known as the last four seasons, those four accomplishments alone are enough for me to consider naming my first born "Lane".

It's not just that they beat the Broncos, but how they did it. They crushed their spirit. It's not like the sloppy KC game the week before where it seemed the teams took turns handing each other the game until the Raiders finally said, "Fine, Herm, we'll take it! Now, can we please leave?" This game bordered on an ass-kicking. And watching Shanarat's team lose in agonizing Raider-like fashion took the cake.

Extending an opponent's scoring drive with a roughing the punter call? Check.
Gifting opponents points by turning the ball over repeatedly deep in your own territory? Check.
Climbing back to within 4 points of the lead only to squander your chances in heartbreaking fashion via bone-headed plays and crucial turnovers? Check.
Heck, the Raiders' rookie QB made his very first NFL regular season appearance for two possessions and the Raiders still won the game.
Congratulations, Shanarat, your Broncos are the new Raiders, the very team you loathe more than any other.

Mostly, though, this post is an excuse to show the pic above. God, I love that pic. The helmet flying through the air, the befuddled look on Cutler's face (he looks like a stoned frat boy whose girlfriend just found his porn stash), it's perfect. Hey Broncos fans, it's your quarterback of the future! Feel the excitement!


TBone, Time Traveler into a Future of Our Own Creation said...

It was nice to see the Raiders win. It's a shame that the schedule won't allow another one (maybe they'll get a final week throw-away game).

Mark Salada said...


That was a long time coming, wasn't it? Whew. The Raiders finally played some football against the Broncos. It's a nice accomplishment for a young franchise just now trying to build a reputation in the NFL. Pat pat pat.

Maybe next year, those boys can really make a name by winning more than 4 games in a season. Out of 16 teams in the AFC, the Raiders ended at number 15!

Walk tall, stand proud Raiders!

erocking said...

Strong words from a team that just finished 7-9 and hasn't won a playoff game since Y2K. Those extra three wins really separate the teams, no? And, don't forget, the Broncos needed some last-second timeout shenanigans from Shanarat to avoid a season sweep by the Raider team you just denigrated. Yeah, you Bronco fans should feel really good about your team. The Broncos look strong.

Mark Salada said...

Who are the Raiders sending to the Pro Bowl? Ouch.

And by the way, the ONLY website that lists the Raiders as 3rd in the division, rather than last, is their own home page. Delusional pirates, raise the jolly roger! Ho!

erocking said...

Careful there. The Raiders and Broncos both have a grand total of 1 (one) representative (punter and DB, respectively) for both the Pro Bowl and the AP All Pro team.

And it's not big news that the "Team of the Decades" has a delusional self image.